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Javon Inman – Agape * Eros

Javon Inman Agape * Eros Liberty Music (release date: November 10, 2017) www.javoninman.com By Bob Marovich Javon Inman ladles an ample serving of amor into Agape * Eros, a 40 minute musical journey into the realms of spiritual and human love. Agape * Eros reminds me of Fred Hammond’s 2012 offering God, Love & Romance. If Hammond’s release was a tad controversial at the time (truthfully, though, there’s been tension between agape and eros in gospel music for a while), combining sacred and human love on one album is all but de rigueur today. All but one of the opening tracks on Inman’s latest ...

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JGM Music Hour – Episode 110

          Click on the image above to begin streaming the show. Playlist for Episode 110: Operator 911 – Chris Byrd and the Heavenaires Higher ground – Dr. Mark Williams Let it be done – Albert White and AVOP Hold on – Rance Allen Group Let it go – Evang. Brenda Whitt-Abney & Bones of Fire Jesus reigns – VaShawn Mitchell You were there – Henry Hall and New Dimension Worshippers Because of who you are – Sounds of Imani Angel – Hostyle Gospel feat. Tone Jonez I am changed – Karlos Nichols Key to my heart ...

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Hostyle Gospel – Hostyle Takeover

Hostyle Gospel Hostyle Takeover (release date: October 14, 2016) www.hostylegospel.com By Bob Marovich Hostyle Gospel, the Christian hip hop trio from Champaign, Illinois, is back with its fourth release, Hostyle Takeover. This fourteen-cut album finds the collective persistent in its quest to blot out evil, with the “takeover” being a call to overturn a world based on hierarchy, not the content of one’s character or God-given ability. If we didn’t know already, the album’s Travon Martin-themed “Skittles & Iced Tea” exposes a whole lot of contemporary evil in the guises of racism, discrimination, hatred, and murder, with African American males as ...

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