“God, You’ve Been Faithful”
Lucinda Moore & Tramaine Hawkins
Nalah Music Group (release date: March 31, 2023)

By Robert M. Marovich

Cue the gospel waltz tempo. Cue the choir. Cue two church-honed singers, and voila! “God, You’ve Been Faithful.”

Gospel icon Tramaine Hawkins joins songstress Lucinda Moore on this traditional-flavored testimony about God’s fidelity in our lives. Neither lady tries to out sing the other during the duet. Instead, they have a musical conversation, eyes closed and heads raised, lofting their lovely voices heavenward while peppering their delivery with earthy blue notes. It’s new gospel music that thrums with the timeless echo of the church. Produced by Cedric Thompson.

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Written by : Bob Marovich

Bob Marovich is a gospel music historian, author, and radio host. Founder of Journal of Gospel Music blog (formally The Black Gospel Blog) and producer of the Gospel Memories Radio Show.