“He’s Alright” – Frierson Brothers

“He’s Alright”
Frierson Brothers
From the JEF Records album Breakthrough
(release date: October 18, 2021)

By Robert M. Marovich

The Frierson Brothers hail from New Jersey, but on “He’s Alright,” they continue to sound like they are not a duo from the North but a quartet from the South.

It’s because the brothers’ musical conversation about the goodness of Jesus features their meaty vocals atop a funky Memphis Sound-style rhythm section, aggressive blasts of brass, and cheery background vocalists who echo their earnest plaudits. It’s a feel-good gospel appropriate for the theme of hallelujah gratitude.

“He’s Alright” is produced by the Frierson Brothers’ stalwart team of James Perry and Grammy nominee Derrick Lee.

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