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Ross & Eli – Signs & Seasons

Ross & Eli Signs & Seasons Independent (released July 15, 2022) By Robert M. Marovich Signs & Seasons is the prodigious product of musicians Ross Martinie Eiler and Eli Schille-Hudson and a band of equally gifted singers and musicians from Bloomington, Indiana. A group with a Catholic connection, they create multidenominational music seasoned with folk, soul, soft rock, rock ‘n’ roll, gospel, and R&B. I had the fortune of reviewing the 49-minute album as a two-disc vinyl set, which—as quality vinyl does—bestows a special warmth to the proceedings. The collection opens and closes with delicate and liturgical flourishes from guitar ...

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“Class Clown” – Mandala

“Class Clown”MandalaIndependent (release date: December 17, 2021)https://mandalaraps.com/ By Robert M. Marovich Born in Joliet, Illinois, Mandala is a self-proclaimed “radical” Catholic rapper who uses the fire and brimstone rhymes of Protestant holy hip-hop to wage legit war against the world’s wrongs. As a graduate of the University of Notre Dame (my alma mater), Mandala would have been brought up with the hymnbook and the greatest hits of the St. Louis Jesuits. Instead, he’s done a 180 into hip-hop. His singles include “American Pope,” the title track of his mid-2021 debut album, which combines serious subjects and personal testimony with Catholic ...

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Nicol Sponberg – Awake My Soul

Nicol Sponberg Awake My Soul Discovery House (release date: September 18, 2015) https://dhp.org/ By Bob Marovich As a Catholic kid attending Catholic elementary school, I spent many a weekly church service singing along to the austere church hymns that the organist pumped out at lock-step rhythm. But to a 1970s pre-teen, who thrilled to the pyrotechnic rock of the era, those hymns, in that lock-step rhythm, sung lifelessly by a bunch of knockabouts like me, seemed like some of the squarest songs on the planet. Too bad Nicol Sponberg wasn’t with us then to inject some of her musical magic ...

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