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Sheila Wilson, Mother of Singer Bryan Andrew Wilson, Passes Away at 65

From a Press Release: Sheila Wilson, a worship leader who had recorded with her gospel star son Bryan Andrew Wilson, passed away November 9, 2022, at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, GA. She was battling stage 4 cancer when she she suffered a cardiac arrest. She was 65 years old. Wilson was born May 25, 1957, in Danville, IL. Her father Tommy Davis was a quartet singer who grew up with B.B. King in the Mississippi delta. Her mother, Clair Bell Davis, was also a singer, so their household was full of music and church. Although she aspired to become ...

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“He Brought Joy” – Bryan Andrew Wilson feat. the Wilsonettes

“He Brought Joy” Bryan Andrew Wilson feat. the Wilsonettes Bryan’s Songs / CE Music By Robert M. Marovich On the super up-tempo “He Brought Joy,” gospel stylist and Danville, Illinois, native Bryan Andrew Wilson contemporizes “I Can Tell the World,” a song first recorded about a century ago by the Taskiana Four and, as sung by Bertha Wise and the Wise Singers, is said to have inspired Roberta Martin to form the Roberta Martin Singers. Along with his wife Tiffany and mother Sheila as the Wilsonettes, Wilson injects plenty of Pentecostal fervor (and his band plenty of percussion) into this ...

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