25 JUNE 2024 – New York/London: Clifton Powell will produce the ten-episode, seven-part Winans Family limited film series Thankful, tailoring the production with three favorable award-winning directors to be announced.

Clifton is an actor and producer with more than 100-plus films and television series to his career credits, and numerous awards of performances in front and behind the camera.

“I wanted to pick the actors for certain family characters,” says Michael Winans Sr., a five-time Grammy Award winner. “Clifton Powell as my dad is absolutely perfect. Having Clifton Jr. (his son) as young Pop is most rewarding. This is a blessing to have both. What a talented duo!”

Melanie, executive producer from 5-0 Studios London, added: “Legendary George Wallace, Melba Moore, Ernest Thomas, Olivia Brown, Renn Woods, D’Atra Hicks, Shirley Murdock, Larry B. Scott, Marquita McSwain, Brandon Quintin Adams, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, and Clifton Powell Jr. were all selected for specific key roles, along with 50-plus other major actors to be announced in the coming week. The list reads like a who’s who and we are so honored to work with all of them. The production is truly blessed, and to have Clifton Powell as producer is indeed a double blessing for the series.”

“It’s important that the actors fit the roles,” continued Michael Winans Sr. “We were able to cast ‘greatness.’ The additional 50-plus legendary actors onboard have embraced the story and we are truly honored.”

Thankful is not just a limited film series; it’s also a testament to the deep emotions, resilience, and faith that defined the Winans Family’s journey. Taking inspiration from the compelling stories being told, the film’s soundtrack will feature the musical talents of the Winans family, their friends, and more than 100 talented artists from around the globe. The collaboration aims to create an award-winning soundtrack (40 songs are being written and produced) that complements the cinematic artistry of the series. The grandeur of the music reflects the family’s known ability to compose and record Grammy Award-winning hits.

The series moves with solemn dignity, developing an image and impression of a spiritually devout, benevolent man, Louis Winans, who was given the surname of Winans from his sharecropper owner Reverend Winans. Thankful is a story for all families around the globe.

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  1. Chantal Prince July 13, 2024 at 4:41 am - Reply

    Good day, my name Is Chantal Prince, from South Africa. I have always been an admire of the Winans family, where it started with Cece and Bebe Winans. I just love their music so much. I have been searching the internet if my dear sister Cece Winans had made a Christian family movie. We’ll today I just saw that The whole Winans family has started with thus family series called “Thankful” i cannot wait to watch it. We’ll please pray for me and my family, we really need your prayer in Jesus Name Amen.

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Written by : Bob Marovich

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