Jenise La Vonne
Independent (release date: August 26, 2022)

By Robert M. Marovich

“Believer” is indie gospel artist Jenise La Vonne’s best single to date.

It has it all: a powerful open, sturdy vocals, compelling lyrics, solid song structure, and chart-quality production. To a loping rhythm, Jenise declares freedom from sin and her subsequent fidelity to Christ and the holy life. The hooky refrain will have listeners singing along. Captivating.

Jenise La Vonne Wright was born in Queens, New York, and raised in Norcross, Georgia. Record labels looking for new talent might just want to check this single out.

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Written by : Bob Marovich

Bob Marovich is a gospel music historian, author, and radio host. Founder of Journal of Gospel Music blog (formally The Black Gospel Blog) and producer of the Gospel Memories Radio Show.