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New Jersey’s Renowned Reverend Stefanie Minatee to Release Final Album of Choir Jubilation with All-Star Offering “Worship Him”

Farewell Concert Sat. June 18th, 3 pm at Greater Abyssinian Baptist Church, Newark, NJ (Monday, May 9, 2022 / New Jersey, NJ) – Following 24 richly-inspiring seasons, Reverend Stefanie Minatee, a.k.a. “Rev. Stef,” and her internationally-renowned choir Jubilation (RSJ), will retire on June 18, 2022. Members of RSJ will share a farewell performance at the Grammy Museum in Newark on Wednesday, June 15, exclusively for Grammy winners. RSJ, which before COVID, thrilled audiences with 2 tours of Japan, as well as Spain and Russia, will retire in glorious style via the release of the compilation/tribute project, Worship Him, dedicated to charter ...

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Bemeche’: I’m Determined – Live

Bemeche’ I’m Determined – Live BGMN Records www.Bemeche.com By Bob Marovich It’s rare these days for gospel artists to give over most of their full album to old-time songs, but that’s what Bemeche’ Hicks has done on his I’m Determined – Live. The Virginia-based music minister even invited a bonafide church wrecker to assist with his debut CD. None other than Evangelist Dorothy Norwood joins Bemeche’ on the Roberta Martin Singers theme song, “Only a Look.” It’s a treat to hear Norwood sing and squall her way through a classic that she may not have recorded before. The Storyteller then ...

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JGM Pick of the Week: May 14, 2018

“I’m Determined” Bemeche’ BGMN Records (release date: April 9, 2018) www.bemeche.com By Bob Marovich This Virginia-based artist teams up with a top-shelf choir and musicians who together sound as if they came straight outta Chicago’s Cosmopolitan Church of Prayer on “I’m Determined.” A churchy up-tempo workout with jaunty piano work complements Bemeche’s conviction to run on to see what the end will be. He engages the choir in antiphonal singing and sets up a special section where sopranos, altos, and tenors layer their harmonies onto the main melody one at a time. Then the musicians drop out for a straight-up vamp. ...

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