“Tell Me Where” – Darius Twyman & Destiny

“Tell Me Where”
Darius Twyman & Destiny
My-Zeal Productions/ Character Music Group LLC
(release date: September 3, 2021)

By Robert M. Marovich

The Detroit choir Darius Twyman & Destiny telegraphs the meaning of its new single, “Tell Me Where,” when Twyman states up front that it is an old school church song written for his mother. The ensemble then tweaks the premise of “Tell Me Where Will I Be When that Trumpet Sounds” into “Where will I be when the Lord comes for me?”

This song presents itself as a personal question but is really a warning to all listeners to be ready, because the Lord could come at any time. Though old school in sentiment, the thumping percussion and equally percussive singing by Destiny put a very contemporary feel into it.

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Bob Marovich is a gospel music historian, author, and radio host. Founder of Journal of Gospel Music blog (formally The Black Gospel Blog) and producer of the Gospel Memories Radio Show.